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I’ve been working in the computer industry for over 20 years with a strong emphasis on the successful development of commercial software applications. I’ve been directly involved with and a strong driving force behind many well-known commercially successful products and companies. With a passion for products, R&D, and a desire to satisfy customers, I bring significant managerial, business, and technical knowledge and leadership to the table.

My Goal: To provide the very best in executive managerial and technical leadership, empowering managers and teams to deliver great products that are on time, delight customers, and bankrupt competitors!

Bottom line: I love what I do and have a track record of delivering on what I love.

About my blog: All content copyright 2011-2013 Mark S Lawler.  All Rights Reserved.  If you’d like to link to it with a short abstract that’s okay.  Want to lift content?  Contact me first for permission.

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