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Portland Political Leaders Say “Uber can go pound sand in our city”

December 13, 2014

The city has had ample opportunities, even back in September of 2013, to address 2-3 easy “issues” regarding Uber and similar services. Instead it decided to stonewall and delay while protecting status quo. Using lawyers instead of proactively managing the update of policy and regulations to those in line with the opportunities of this century is perhaps one way to govern. Congratulations to how the mayor and Transportation Board decided to prioritize and spend taxpayer dollars on something that should have never reached this point (I’m being flip). Now it seems like they are simply digging their heals in because “they can” vs. asking “what is the right answer for our citizens and travelers who visit our great city?”

I have no horse in this race other than that of being a business traveler who has been repeatedly delighted as a customer while using Uber when traveling to other cities across this nation. As a prior board member of the Technology Association of Oregon and former Chief Technology Officer of Regence Blue Cross Blue Shield I’m frankly embarrassed that Portland has sided with the Luddites as opposed to embracing what great technology can enable.

As a business traveler I will continue to vote with my wallet (and my Uber phone app) until I am no longer delighted by the service they and their drivers provide to me as a consumer compared to other available options. I suspect other consumers will decide to do the same.


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