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The Best Scrum-ban-plan Board Ever!

May 14, 2014

I sometimes hear from teams who haven’t embraced Agile that it “doesn’t fit the type of work we do.” They insist on continuing to manage their workflow and efforts over e-mail and spreadsheets. Take a look at this board and how can you not envision running any effort this way quite easily? Don’t like the columns? Rename them. Add / remove columns to fit your needs. It doesn’t get simpler than that…

Sockets and Lightbulbs

Four years ago, I needed to design a Scrum board to use with my teams.  Teams moved around a lot, so I wanted something I could enlarge and laminate so we could easily roll up the scrum boards and move them.  We also didn’t have to depend on having white boards or cork boards in the area, we could just attach the Scrum board to any vertical surface – a door or a window, if necessary.  Of course, that meant the board should be useful in both a horizontal or vertical configuration.  Laminating the boards meant we could customize it to suit each team.  A simple package of washable markers would take care of that.

Example Scrum Board

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