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First Internship?

October 4, 2013

In the last few days the #firstinternship tag has become one of the hot, trending tags on Twitter.  I remember my first internship quite well as it is how I got my first real start in computers.  I was between my freshman and sophomore year in high school and instead of going to summer school, I decided to volunteer to teach teachers how to program in BASIC so they could create computer assisted instruction courses for their students.  It was a blast.  That lead to my first official internship with the high school my sophomore year being the proctor of their Data General Eclipse and Nova mini computers.  From there I went on to create football scouting programs that year to allow our coaches to have up to date software predictions on what types of plays competing teams tended to run in various situations based on how they played their previous games to date.  I think I even snuck in a computer dating program in on the side for the seniors that first year, but we won’t go there.

Internships—paid internships mind you—are such an important part of helping young minds find themselves and to identify what their career passions may be.  Before doing this I was convinced that I wanted to be an architect and design buildings and civil engineering structures (this before the days of Computer Assisted Design software).  Within a few short months of my first internship, doing something totally unrelated to architecture, my destiny was changed forever, and here I am today…

Do you have a “first internship” story?  Please share it in the blog comments. 

Does your Agile Team actively try to recruit and hire at least one intern a year?  If so, please share your success stories as well.  I’ve found internships to be one of the greatest gifts a manager can give—not only to the student, but to their team as well…

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