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The Why Project & My First Memorable Why Moment

April 24, 2013

eROI has an interesting project they launched at Here’s my first memorable Why Moment…

My first most memorable “why” moment was in the early 90s. I was a newly minted Development Manager on Norton AntiVirus and I attended a meeting early on where the Product Managers and the CEO had relegated NAV in to the “cow” category—it’ll make some money, but it’ll never be a $40M business; milk the revenue until it dries up as we shift resources away from it.

Brad Kingsbury, my boss at the time, and I asked “why?” To us the answer was obviously clear: it was a new market with too many tactical point products creating noise; each product being more of a feature than an actual solution. First real solution to market that both delighted customers and rolled up and surpassed the capabilities of the over 21 “one-offs” would be the winner—the solution needed to stand out with “Gee I’d Buy It Just For That” value props across the landscape and not just in a couple of areas. We went rogue, ignored the “cow” quadrant our product had been shoved in to, and built that solution. The rest is history… What was a $7M business when it was relegated to “cow” status grew to over $140M in a couple of years and is the foundation of what is a greater than $2B security business for Symantec today.

Moral of the story: Even propeller heads can and need to ask “why?”

Please share your own “why” moment either with as part of their project or down below in the comments…

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